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Creative Services Internship

I was privileged to be a part of the creative team designing the YL2020 conference for over 10,000 staff members. This included designing the entry way and foyer, establishing brand design guidelines throughout print and digital media, and documentation.

I also continue to assist the team in their day to day design orders from materials that raise essential funds for staff in the field, to organization wide updates and vision casting.

05.19 - 08.19
10 weeks

Graphic Design
User Interface

YL2020 Modular Informational Displays

I was tasked with creating a display for fun facts about Young Life that would be modular and be able to be placed around the venue in various high traffic locations around the resort.

The display needed to be modular in order to be place anywhere around the resort. It also needed to be cheap as to be mindful of the missions resources. Lastly, it had to be ready to assemble and easy to transport as they would need to be produced primarily in house in Colorado and shipped or driven to Orlando, where the conference was.

The actual boxes would end up being 2' x 4'. I experimented with pricing of an expected number around 30 boxes, and made the decision to make the final display out of 1/2" foam core assembled with joints. I experimented with 3D printed joints, but the final ones will be milled from wood.

YL2020 Registration Instructions

Setting Young Life staff members up for success in registering for the upcoming conference, and connecting them to the event from the beginning.

What began as just a list of steps became the first true interaction between the staff members and the upcoming conference. It had to get people excited and lead people through the rather long registration process, from booking flights to coordinating with roommates.

Day to Day Design

The primary purpose of the service center is of course to serve the mission and the staff out in the field. This came in many ways, such as helping them fundraise, communicating needed material, as well as just keeping them in the know.

The first project I worked on was a new logo for one of Young Life's original camps, Windy Gap. It is meant to recognize and update the work that is going on there. As a former camper at this particular site, I was able to draw my experiences into drawing in what really makes Windy Gap special.

The global giving circle was meant to evoke growth and the participation of many in the future. These are a couple of the concepts I created. The logo is meant to bring together the event and people for the purpose of the mission and creating and building relationships.

The Timber Wolf Lodge card is meant to help people understand the impact that they've had in giving to the mission

The forward campaign update keeps the mission up to date on where their latest campaign is at, the work that is being done across the globe, and the work that is to be done across the world. It reminds everyone what the mission is building towards. It is a way to connect the everyday activities of the office and staff to the bigger picture.

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