A Visual Brand Language Exploration

This was a group project in collaboration with Jonathan Schmitt. We were tasked with creating a brand from core attributes and developing the personality and visual design elements. The final deliverable was a form icon that shows off the signature elements.

We first chose the category of cameras. We looked at what seemed important in cameras and differentiation from the existing market.

2 Weeks

Graphic Design

Core Attributes:

Dynamic, Versatile, Intentional

If these attributes were a person, who would it be?

Brand Personality:

Confident, observant, inspiring, intrepid, ambitious, original. A traveling influencer. Every weekend is a different opportunity to travel somewhere new.

What does this mean conceptually?

Design Principles:

Familiar and adaptable in function, yet different and simple in form.
Emphasize movement and highlight functional importance.
Inviting yet sophisticated in form.

We began getting ideas and creating a mood board based on these design principles, looking at aesthetics that emulated these different ideas.

We wanted the shape to be reminiscent and inviting, similar to that of a regular camera, and we began sketching based on these principles, in order to conceptualize the signature elements.

1:3 proportions also played a large role in reflecting the intentionality throughout the form. From the "lens" portion to the buttons, to the indentions.

Here's a closer look at the details and reasoning behind the signature elements.

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