A metal mudroom lamp

This project entailed creating a metal lamp using the basic IKEA cord bulb lamp. Beginning from that, the emphasis was on form, prototyping, and working with metal.

Slight is a lighting element meant to facilitate and bookend interactions in the mudroom or entryway of a home. It provides ambient lighting and dual function as a hanging rack as well. Simplistic in form, it is a light silhouette that makes a statement without much. 

6 weeks

3D Printing
Metal Work
User Testing

Sketch Ideation

Research began in looking into the various types of lighting that exists and what even subtle changes in temperature and intensity of light can achieve. Form exploration and inspiration came from wired sculptures and very minimalistic designs.

Based on feedback, I decided to continue with the leaning lamp idea. The the dual purpose as a hanging rack as well as the way it could facilitate the mood in the entryway of a house really intrigued me and I wanted to explore that more.

Scale Modeling

As a standard part of my creative process, I built numerous size and adjustable full scale models out of PVC to understand sizing and placement within an environment to deploy features, and refine interaction & visual design.

Refinement of the design included adjusting height, changing the quality of light, addressing the interactions involving the light and clothes hangers, as well adding notches to guide users in interaction.

The Final Lamp

Cost became a very relevant factor in this process. Metal is expensive. Even metal tubing was quite costly. As a result, I recall during the research portion of the project, seeing 1 inch diameter curtain rods and IKEA. I ended up purchasing enough to make two lamps for under ten dollars. In transforming the final design from PVC into a full steel form was easier said than done. Much welding practice as well as many redos were needed to achieve the simplistic and clean final form. I finished the product with a matte black paint and added rubber stoppers to prevent sliding to finish it off.

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