Chick-fil-A Support Center

Restaurant Design Internship

Working at the support center was some of the most exceptional 10 weeks of my life. I've learned so much about what it takes to collaborate and brainstorm across a business, how to lead with care, and more than I ever thought I could know about the chicken.

My internship consisted of a couple different projects that lived in the Understand and Ideation phases of Chick-fil-A's design process. I helped create a guide for Restaurant Design to better understand the landscape of mobile ordering, designed the environmental branding for some initial prototypes, and helped ideate new solutions for the newest restaurant layouts. All of this work really went to supporting the operators who further then go on to care for each person who encounters Chick-fil-A.

10 weeks
Atlanta, GA (Hybrid)

Competitor Research
Environment Branding

Mobile as a Destination Benchmarking

In collaboration with Little & Co., a Minneapolis based design firm, I helped create a guide that helps people across the business understand what exists in other brands in terms of mobile ordering. I specifically targeted the sphere of what the physical experience after ordering on mobile looks like.

Category Research

Further research spanning more brands than the primary ones selected for Little & Co to conduct in depth research

How might we...

increase the perception of care in mobile channels?
place team members at more interactive touch points?
balance increase of speed with tech while maintaining care?
better steward space / replace curbside?
combine signage / marketing with existing things?
beacon and draw people to the drive thru?
differentiate channels while maintaining process consistency?

Environmental Branding

I did work on branding on a particular touch point that was designed to both speed up the experience and protect team members. It worked with the perception of team members and had to match the brand strategy as well as functionally direct customers. This work is still in process, and is therefore protected.

Touchpoint Design

I helped create initial ideation sketches to help kickoff brainstorming on particular parts of the newly designed front counter may look. This work is still in process, and is therefore protected.

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