Photos I have taken of friends, family, and even strangers, that have shaped who I am, pushed me out of my comfort zone and been impactful on the perspective I have in design and life.

Big thanks to Jack and Emma, Carter, Beau, Caroline, James, Hannah and Sarah Kate, Caroline again, Rachel McDaniel, Beau again, Barrett, Matthew, Jaydra, Eve n Evan, Kevin and Henry, Joy, Carl, Sam, Topher, Evan aka my brother, Kenedy, Random Turtle and Cocoa Beach, Sarah aka lil sis, The rowdy boys of Tucker High School, This random dog on the trails of Red Rock open space, Joe and Ching aka my parents, Gong gong and Mama aka my grandparents, Troy, Abriel, Quinn XCII (among other artists), and my brother again (because I needed one more photo to fill the gap and I really love the guy). Thanks for waiting while I fiddle with my manual settings. AND a big thanks to so many more who have been a part of my journey until now. I look forward to taking more photos of y'all and learning more from each of you! If I don't see your photo, chances are I just don't have a good photo of ya, so let's get out and hang out!


Here's a look at how other people view me. These are photos people have caught of me in my natural and unnatural habitats. Some in my backyard, some across the world, but in the end, the people make the place.

Even more thanks to Evan and Sarah, the best siblings I could ask for, Caroline, Ben, Jackson, Kenedy, The boys of 420 Cascade (Liam, Chew, Colin, Abram, and Gabe), My pledge class (Max, Tommy, Matt, Conrad, Tanner, Carl, Reece, Henry, Topher, Beau, Ben, Gino, Joe, Landon, Gianni, Carter, Jack, Jake, Andres, Zach, Bayan, Zooch, Jack C, Andre, Tyler, and Rob), Josh Moy (The other Josh), The Young Life design team (Isaac, Dine, Autumn, and Liz), James Lo and Eve Wang, The patriarch of the Chan family (Grandpa Jack), My Dad, and Carl and Topher. So if you don't see your picture, it doesn't mean you have impacted my life, it just means I don't have a good photo of us or didn't have it on my phone. Let's hangout, snag a photo and change that!